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My wife Tracie is a CLEAN FREAK!

I mean this in the most positive way, of course.

Our home has always been immaculately kept, even when the kids were little. When we started the cottages in 2003 she was determined to keep our cabins in Asheville, NC even more pristine than our house.

We now have 8 wonderful ladies that clean for us and they all follow the same motto: MAKE IT NEW. Each of them has their own cottage that they alone clean. We did this to assure that they would take ownership of their cabin. After each guest leaves, these ladies will spend between 4 to 6 hours cleaning their cottage. Tracie made a checklist of almost 200 items that must be addressed every time they clean.

All our ladies are extremely well trained and are the heart and soul of our business. The moment you walk into your cabin in Asheville, NC, you will experience the love that each of them put into their work. For their service to you, we pay them almost twice the Livable Wage, a wage set by Just Economics of Western North Carolina. Of our 8 ladies, 6 have been with us more than 5 years and 3 of them more than 10 years!

After each cleaning, Jennifer, our property manager, completes a 95-point inspection just to make sure nothing got missed and the cottage is perfect for the arriving guests.

Every month, Jennifer also completes a FULL, 211-point inspection of each of our Asheville, NC cabins. This thorough inspection includes everything from the vents in the ceiling to the clean floor under the refrigerator. Jennifer also has a scheduled time each month that she inventories every item in every cottage. She does this not only to make sure nothing is missing but also to replace anything that doesn’t look new.

In addition to the regular cleaning, we have a cleaning specialist, Emily, who will deep clean each cottage every month. This monthly cleaning list has 57 deep clean items on it that take our cleaning to the next level. A few of the items are tasks such as pulling out the stove and refrigerator and cleaning behind them, vacuuming the top of the kitchen cabinets, cleaning out any debris inside the grill and wiping down every wall in the cottage.

As you can see, Tracie makes sure an immaculately clean cottage is everyone’s highest priority.

All this effort is to ensure that you will be walking into what seems like a brand-new cottage every time you visit our Asheville luxury cabins

Free Stay Guarantee

After arriving at our Asheville, NC cabin rentals, if you are not fully convinced that this is not the most luxurious vacation rental cottage you have ever been in, simply call me and let me know. I will not charge you for the night and you are free to go, no matter how many nights you have reserved. It’s that simple.

Thank you! This is our fourth stay and it has always been great! 5/1/2018
Miranda N.Dunlap, TN

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